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Wildlife Control in Guelph, ON

Wildlife Control - Guelph, ON

Xtermall Pest & Wildlife Control - Wildlife Control - Guelph, ON

If you need wildlife control or pest extermination in Guelph, ON or the surrounding areas, trust in the experienced, friendly professionals at Xtermall Pest & Wildlife Control for all of your extermination needs. We offer fast, reliable, and friendly service to homeowners and businesses who find themselves sharing their property with unwelcome guests.

Living with pests can be aggravating. Termites can cause structural damage to your home, and bedbugs are notoriously difficult to eliminate. Squirrels are brash and noisy upstairs neighbours, and nesting raccoons can tear apart your insulation, wiring, air ducts, and even your walls.

No matter the cause of your headaches, Xtermall has the skills and experience to help. Our service is untouchable and our prices blow the competition out of the water! We specialize in indoor and outdoor extermination of critters of all sizes, from insects to larger animals such as beavers and coyotes. Give us a call today.

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